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Sonic Aventure 2 (E)


Sonic Aventure 2 (E) (NullDC 1.00 beta 1.6)

Le jeu est jouable.

Testeur : Corrigo

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Il y a 4 commentaires :

Le mercredi 12/09/2007 à Andre a tapoté sur son clavier :

In beta 1, shadows do not work. This is mostly just a graphical glitch, however, to beat one of the bosses (King Boom Boo), you need to be able to see his shadow once he goes into the ground in order to attack him which makes it exceedingly difficult to complete the hero story. This is supposed to be fixed in Beta 2.

Le mercredi 12/09/2007 à Benjamin Siskoo a osé affirmer :

Hi Andre, Thanks for the info. I could add this :)

Le mardi 30/10/2007 à Cris a tapoté sur son clavier :

Hi Guys :) ! i have a probleme whit NullDC :( ! when i star, a window tell me 'NullDC has encontrered a problem and need to close...) ! But wen i change the plugin 'the plugin's name is chankast or somthing like that' it work but whit a slowy vitesse and a whit big problems for the grafics ! please help me in this forum ! thanks :)

Le vendredi 02/11/2007 à Cris nous déclarait y'a pas longtemps :

Mi probleme is resolved ! thanks any whey !