One of my friends recently bought small richardson tx apartments and asked me for interior design tips.  The problem was, he only had a small budget, and he wanted to make his apartment look big.  Like many before him, who progressively move into smaller spaces, he faces the challenge of making small spaces work with the least amount of money available.  While this is not a new issue, this article will attempt to suggest some ways of addressing this long-standing problem.

  1. Go light. Paint the walls white or in bright  Coupled with ample natural light, the light-colored walls would make the apartment looks more spacious.
  2. Go vertical. People often neglect the vertical space that is found in abundance in their heads, beds, kitchens or toilets.  Create sufficient storage shelves vertically to make use of these neglected areas.  Lose that nightstand and convert it into a useful wall-mounted shelf that can double up as a desk.
  3. Scrape that wall-mounted TV. Replace it with a projector and projection screen.  Place the projection screen in front of a rarely utilized feature (for instance, a bookshelf or storage area) to maximize the utility of un-used space.
  4. Tear down partitions (where possible). Make proper use of design to demarcate space into disparate zones (for instance, for studying or work or sleep), so that there is no need to erect walls to separate spaces.
  5. If there is a need to put up a wall, replace it with glass walls (or glass sliding doors) to allow natural lighting to come through. It would help to create a bright and airy open concept
  6. Use slide doors instead of conventional doors. They are more versatile.  For instance, sliding door panels that were previously used to partition rooms could be removed to create an illusion of a single continuous room or space.
  7. Consider the use of platform beds, particularly if your bed is situated beside a bay window. They offer an excellent storage solution and are effective in demarcating the sleeping zone from study area.
  8. Install Murphy beds, which could be pulled up and stored vertically against the wall when unused. These are very useful as guest beds and could free up space that is otherwise taken up by these unoccupied beds.
  9. Make better of use of kitchen space. Use kitchen pegboards to store and exhibit your pots and pans, instead of storing them in the cabinets.  Use foldable kitchen tables that could be hidden and stored away easily, so that they would take up space when not in use.
  10. Purchase chairs that fit snugly into each other, so that they will take up less space when stored inside Richardson TX apartments.
  11. Choose a lower coffee table for your living room, so that it does not look overly cluttered.
  12. Use dark colors sparingly to create contrast with the lighter furniture, to create the illusion of space. These would also act as accents to add variety to the overall design.

If regulations permit, consider using a mezzanine floor for sleeping area.