Recently, one of my relatives showed me this listing of an apartment in a quiet neighborhood in Richardson TX.  It boasted of an amazing night view, superb surround sound system and a rooftop terrace with an inviting Jacuzzi that was a stark contrast to the dark and gloomy apartment I was living in.

It seemed like an ideal area for a romantic night out.  It was then that I recalled friends saying that they had rented rooms instead of the usual hotels for their stay during Valentines Day.  They were full of praises for these places that offered them facilities and experiences that they usually had no access to, and it got me intrigued.

Curious, I set myself on a journey to find some of these out-of-the-world houses on Richardson.  True enough, I found these five exciting but romantic listings that you may want to book in advance for next years Valentines Day.

Do you like fancy living on a 100-year old houseboat right under the Eiffel Tower?  You will wake up to nice soothing sounds of the river and marvelous views of the Eiffel Tower. It will be little love nests for you and your significant other on the river.  Whats more, attractions such as the Champs de Mars, Musee du Quai Branly, and Trocadéro, are just 5 to 10 minutes away. The location is Paris, France, and it costs USD 140 per night.

Bet you have never stayed in a mega seashell before.  The design speaks for itself.  And as if that is insufficient, the master bedroom has a balcony that oversees the Caribbean Sea. The location is Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and it costs USD 251 per night.

A cheaper alternative to staying at the Ice Hotel, this offers couples a chance to cuddle up during Valentines Day.  A wide range of activities such as snow shoe hike, husky workshop, and traditional Tyrolean curling also offered.  It is recommended for the more adventurous. The location is Kühtai, Austria, and it costs USD 127 per night.

Ever dream of getting your island? You get to do so at USD560 per night.  Described as a charming speak of perfection by Mel Gibson, this little sanctuary at Maluku Island, Fiji, is visited by nesting leatherback turtles every year.  Enjoy the solitude of living by yourself, where the nearest civilization is 15 miles away. The location is Manukau Levu, Fiji, and it costs USD 560 per night.

Everybody has had the secret desire to stay in a tree house before. Located right inside the Atlanta city, this is the perfect getaway destination to take time off your working times to spend time with the special someone.  Immense yourself to the sounds of the forest, as you doze peacefully in the hammock under a 150-year old pine tree.  Sip some wine as you sit on the rope bridges decorated with fairy lights and enjoy some quiet downtime with your loved ones on this special day. The location is Atlanta, USA, and it costs USD 390 per night.

These are just five properties-for-rent I found on Richardson, and I am pretty sure there are many more undiscovered ones.  So if your date was complaining about the Valentines Day date this year, get cracking and find the next exotic destination to bring your beloved ones to next year.